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On the bottom right of your screen, you'll see a "Want to earn points?" pop up. Click on that. Login to your BYDJO account and you'll be able to see your points. You can click on 'Earn Points' to see how to earn points and 'Get Rewards' to see how you can spend your points.

Yes. Your points expire every 90 days and renews every year, so don’t forget to spend them before they expire! However, when you make a purchase, all your points will renew all together for another 180 days.The point expiration date will be changed based on the last earned points.

Points as recounted every start of the year on 1st January.

See that bottom lime green box at the bottom? Click on that to start your account. When you join for the first time, you get a perk and can be used immediately. Please remember to sign in with just ONE (your account will be your BYDJO account) account to avoid duplications. We cannot merge your points and account.

Everyone starts as a member.

We deeply apologize but past purchases are not applicable.

Points expire every 180 days, but with each activity, your points expiration will renew. Under no circumstances can they be extended.

BYDJO reserves the right to reject any members suspected of foul play.

BYDJO reserves the right to change the terms & conditions anytime and make changes to the points at any given time.

Launches through Instagram DM and WA are not redeemable for points.

Points are not redeemable for cash.

Rewards are available with point redemption while supplies last and substitutions may occur. If your online order is not completed during the same visit or if your order gets cancelled, the reward will and can be removed from your shopping basket and may no longer be available.

* VIP Hampers are given to our top spending customers for a certain period of time. This is not guaranteed.

100% only

All packages go through multiple quality control checks. They are wrapped and handled with the utmost care. Don’t worry!


Efficiency is what we pride in. Packages are processed and shipped within 24 hours, excluding weekends. All packages are wrapped with our signature packaging. Add ons can be purchased separately.

Here’s our shipping policy.

Need help?

Questions? Problem with order? We’re here. Let us know your order number and issue, we promise to try our best!