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The start and evolution of BYDJO —

Let me tell you a secret :

at the beginning stages of BYDJO, I never really thought much when building this brand. Traveling is a passion of mine and I realized that my outfits may always be the same but one thing I love to change up is my accessories. It is clearly to fulfill my own need of having a range of accessories I can fall back on to change up my outfits. There is a personal sense of satisfaction when we dress well, after all, it is based on our own individual expression.

Going back to the start of BYDJO,

I only had one goal and only one goal in mind : I’d like to source quality fashion accessories that people can buy and really wear the heck out of it during their holiday trips. It also helps when friends would ask about the accessories that I’d wear — from there I knew there was demand for fairly priced accessories that are trendy or classic alike. There needs to be a good balance of modernity, ease yet classic. Everything in life, I believe, requires balance.

It’s been about 4 years since I have been doing this.

What this is — I somehow still can’t explain. But with the support of our BYDJO girls, this feels like a community of ladies who appreciates the desire for experimentation and have the passion for art. Because of them, this has provided me an outlet to explore all style possibilities and it shows. We have had our moments when we were into all gold pieces, crystal pieces, pieces with intricate details… and most recently, silver pieces. But that’s how I see BYDJO, we are always evolving and that’s what style is about. It is ever evolving.

Last but not least,

BYDJO is about rediscovering your own style, time and time again. Our style should be defined, yet gives you the freedom.

Can you dress our accessories up and down? Most often, yes. We’d love to always emphasize on the need to break from the current and dress how YOU want and not how everyone else is dressing. BYDJO accessories are here to open the question of “How do you discover your own style?” And the answer should always be open-ended.

This question provides a further context as to how style can continue to change our lives for the better. When you feel good wearing what you wear, it is always worth noting and having. Experiment more.

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With this, I thank you for sticking by us. And always believing in me. I will always bring my best foot forward.

With sincere gratitude,


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