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Frequently asked questions

Please make sure you are using an active email.

Orders are not final if you do not finish all the steps and get an order number. Please check your email and take note of your order number.

Kindly make sure your order is final, once orders are in, we do not guarantee that we can change your order due to limited availabililty. We also do not tolerate customers with "hit&run" tendencies. All cancelled orders will be taken note of. The reason why we are extremely strict with this is because we pay a fee for every transaction.

We try our best to accommodate to your request but please note everything is subject to availability and change. Contact us to ensure your request is doable.

Please keep in mind that final orders cannot be cancelled. You can return them minus the restocking fee.

Please make sure your address is correct. We go by system and if you want us to ship your items to a new address, please fill that up accordingly. We are not responsible for packages with incorrect/missing information.

If an item is sold out, there is a box where you can leave your email and an email will be sent when it is restocked. There is, however, no guarantee.

We ship the next day (weekdays). So if a collection is launched at night, we might need time to pack and will send it the next working day.

We require immediate payment during launches as our items are limited. One hour is the grace period and we reserve the right to cancel your order earlier when someone wants to purchase the item you are holding on to.

When choosing manual bank transfer BCA, your order is not confirmed and completed if you have not filled out the confirmation payment form. Because you are transfering to our BCA account, I will not be notified of the payment unless you send a confirmation. If you paid with a credit card/via Xendit, there is no need to confirm.

In case items get sold out, we will be notifying you via WA/email for alternatives.

** We do not offer any refunds/exchanges. Any form of refunds will be in a form of store credit.

We offer two payment methods : manual BCA transfer (transfer to my BCA account from your mbanking) or Xendit (for all major credit cards, Virtual account for Mandiri, etc).

It is very simple and do not require much thinking.

Manual BCA transfer - it is what it is. You will be directed to a page with BYDJO’s BCA account number, and then you would still need to fill out the confirmation payment form so that I can verify your transfer. Please do not forget this step as this method is still manual. Once you fill out the confirmation page or confirm via WA, I will check and verify the payment and then you will get an email stating your order is confirmed. Only then it is done and your order is in our system.

Xendit - We used a third party payment gateway for customers who want to use credit cards, Mandiri, BNI, etc. If you accidentally exited out of the page, please check your email for the Xendit invoice link. This is why your email is important. If the payment do not go through, please check on your bank and your card’s limit. Most times it is because your card limit is over, hence that’s why it can’t charge the card. Most times we have little to no problems with using Xendit.

Our BY/DJO items go through intense quality control before getting shipped out. Usually it goes through 3 steps to ensure the product you receive is of excellence.

In rare cases where we miss something, we sincerely apologize. Please contact us via email or WA to get help with your order.

With that being said, we only accept complaints within 3 days of delivery. So if you follow up with us 3 days after your order has arrived at your place, we have the right to reject your complaints/request.

If in any circumstances you insist on returning your item for store credit, please note we charge a 30% restocking fee that will be substracted from your refund.

Please note that we will require an unboxing video of your order. Due to hygienic purposes, we do not accept earrings that have been worn.

We reserve the right to reject any return/exchange.

Please note that how long your jewelry lasts depends on how you take care of them.

BYDJO jewelries are handmade and very delicate with requires extra care.

Follow these tips — (This is how I keep my BY/DJO pieces and have proven to last the test of time)

- avoid swimming/exercising/doing anything that might get your BY/DJO pieces in contact with water. From my experience, sweat is one of the culprits that your BY/DJO pieces tarnish/change in color.

- I recommend cleaning it with a dry cloth first, before using any harsh chemicals/polishing cloth. Some gold plated pieces are thin, hence you might rub off the gold layer.

- consider buying Talk Town Polish (available in Tokopedia) for spot polishing your items. They come in silver and gold, so buy accordingly. We recommend try spot polishing first before rubbing the whole piece. Some gold finishing may be rubbed off.

- I place my BY/DJO accessories in small ziplock before putting them into their pouches. This is for added security and will prevent oxidation.

- Please keep away from sunlight.


Please keep note that you are buying gold vermeil/plated pieces so naturally they don’t last forever. If you’d like something that lasts forever, please consider buying full gold pieces.

We are terribly sorry if your BYDJO pieces do not last as long as you expect them to.

One guarantee is that we have checked every accessory before shipping them out, and most of our pieces have been sampled religiously to ensure the longevity of its wear. I apologize if your experience is different.

Right off the bat, we accept repairs if it has been bought within 3 months and if the stud is not broken. There will be repair costs incurred, depending on the complexity of the repair job and materials used.

We are delighted to offer an exchange if you receive a defected* good or/and if it is in stock within your purchase warranty (2 weeks).

We believe that the lifespan of the earring really depends on the user as I (Celine) personally have each and every earring/accessory I curate in BYDJO. All earrings have been worn and tested by me to ensure it is of the best quality and experience for the user. If you have received an earring with a wonky stud or loose parts, please let us know within 3 days of receiving your package.

If the pearl/crystal on your earrings have fallen off, we can assist in gluing it back together, but please make sure you still have the pearl/crystal. You are responsible for the shipping and repairing services and varies with each earring.

Please send us a message beforehand to get assisted, either email, DM or WA.

* Please inquire with us if your earring is consider defected. If it affects the overall front look of the earring or the wear of the earring, it is considered as a defect. Due to each BYDJO accessory being handmade, some earrings feature its own unique characteristic.

100% only

All packages go through multiple quality control checks. They are wrapped and handled with the utmost care. Don’t worry!


Efficiency is what we pride in. Packages are typically shipped in 24 hours. All packages are wrapped with our signature packaging. Add ons can be purchased separately.

Here’s our shipping policy.

Need help?

Questions? Problem with order? We’re here. Let us know your order number and issue, we promise to try our best!