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When picking out outfits for yourself, think to yourself — how do I want to be perceived? When you choose everything too classic, it will get a bit boring. When you choose all trendy pieces, it will not make sense. You want to be innovate, creative, sensible yet refined. A thoughtfully assembled outfit demonstrates a good balance, perhaps with a touch of sparkle. 

A white shirt, a straight legged jeans, a good bag/shoes are part of my regular uniform. They will work without fail for me. It might be different for you, but there are definitely some significant pieces in your closet that you fall to for safety. Hold those close to heart but allow some room for exploration.

Tried and true, I believe in feeling always confident yet relaxed — it seriously is the best feeling. You know how it goes : when you wear something that fits and feels like YOU. You can head to a meeting with a blazer but it doesn’t always need to feel “too formal”, play it up with something fun to show who you are as a person. 

Being “too formal” and rigid, makes you look like a waiter. Being “too casual”, and you will not be perceived seriously. You’d want a nice balance — a good blazer

(Classic), a tshirt (casual) underneath, a cigarette pants (classic), a fun color heels (casual), plus gold/silver hoops (classic) or a fun green/yellow color crystal stud/hoops (casual). Now, imagine that. You are defining yourself as “I am serious, yet I know how to have fun. I am cool”. Everyone wants to be friends with someone like that. Because someone like that knows where to go on Friday night, someone like that knows the right people to get the best seats in the house.

One fashion advice I have been given is “One person’s trend is another person’s classic”. With that, I learnt that everyone sees fashion differently. After living in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Seattle and Los Angeles, I have observed how differently I would dress at different stages of my life and at different times. However, there will always a common denominator that ties my style together. My aim is for you to find yours.

Do me a favor and take a good look at your closet today. If you feel uninspired, you are in need of some realignment. Take some time to pick out the pieces in your closet that you NEED to have in order for you to feel 100% yourself and work from there. To compose a well-balanced outfit, it should start from your must-haves and individual preferences, and then working from there to find pieces that are focussed on the concept of being relaxed, modern yet classic. That’s the sweet spot right there. 

Let the journey of finding your style begin…

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