It’s the middle of May but it honestly feels like a brand new year. The journey of updating one’s wardrobe never stops. Trends are ever changing and if you’ve been a homebody for 25 months now, all you would see is home clothes, perhaps a lot leisure/home wear. An update is desperately needed, but staying home that long, what is your style? How do we rediscover our style? It begs the question of — where do we go from here?

It is currently spring where I am, so I definitely have done some spring cleaning in my closet. Where we are and where we would go with our style is completely up to you, what style to you associate yourself most with? Personally, I got to put aside my skinny jeans, and traded them with looser pants.

Here are 5 steps I take when revamping my closet :


1. Assess my closet

does it scream 2019 corporate? You definitely are not the same person as you are in 2019. Your clothes will probably reflect the styles of 2019. That red gingham top? Not you anymore. Chuck that out, or even donate it. I have this rule of whenever I add one thing new to my closet, I get rid of one. So one-for-one is a good rule to have so that we avoid hoarding!

In short : Separate the clothing items/accessories that is no longer 2022 you and figure out what to do with them.

2. Figure out your essentials --

Now that we’ve separated the items that don’t suit our lifestyles anymore, we now have those items we love and adore. From the items that we currently have, what vibe/style can you gather? Our belongings say a lot about ourselves. But we need to find that basic that we always need to have. Are you a denim kind of girl? Or do you love hats/caps? Do you love a pop of color in your shoes? Do you love scarves?

For me personally, it would definitely be a white top. I have dozens of white tops, but I am not hoarding, essentially, because all of them have different materials and cuts. A white top is for sure my comfort and part of my style. Undoubtedly, that will hold the most space in my closet. What is that item that everyone will know screams you? Is it your love for pastel colors? Is it how you always have the coolest shoes?

In short : You need to “find your niche”.

3. What’s my style?

Try to put the style you want to pursue in 3 words or be able to describe it in one short sentence. There is effortless, chic, relaxed, leisure centered, unique, eccentric, modern, unfinished, street, fitted, high fashion… the list goes on. Plenty, plenty of words to use to describe your own style. Mine is effortlessly chic with elements of surprise, very much like Mary Kate Olsen with splashes of Rihanna, I also have been eyeing a lot of what G-Dragon is wearing.

So what do you want to be? Who are you inspired by? Who do you want to be? I also like looking at the color wheel to figure out my color palette. We have the usual monotone colors, with black and white interchangeable. But is grey replaceable with black/white? I don’t think so. Not all the time, at least.

In short : Put your style in words.

4. Thought process of adding another item —

Now that you know your basics and your style inspirations, everytime you buy something, you have those key notes to refer to. Is this pants well tailored that I can wear for a while? (Sustainability and mindfulness) Is this top something I can dress up and down? (Versatility) Is this bag something that brings me inconvenience or is something I absolutely will have? (Accessorize) There will be items in your closet that you ABSOLUTELY have to have, however, not a lot. But it will let your character shine even more. It will have to make it more you.

In short : Be mindful of what you buy. For every item you buy, make sure you can think of 5 different outfits to wear a particular item with. You will then most likely get your Cost Per Wear.

5. So do I buy it? or skip it? --

 List down all the items you want. It doesn’t have to be a long list.

You can divide them into columns of replacement, want to try, and wishlist — 'Replacement' is for those essentials (see point 2) that may already look a little worn out after a few years of wearing them or you have outgrown them, or if you’re ready to invest in a better piece.

'Want to try' is a short list of item of trends, accessories, outfit details you want to try. For instance, recently Bottega Venetta is really in. I really liked the mini Jodie in the Parakeet but because my style, as I defined it to be, is effortlessly chic with elements of surprise, I could do a mini Jodie in green but I opted for a white instead. Seeing the bag in person really make me feel that not all green hue is my color.

Last, 'Wishlist' is something that you’d want to buy in the near future but maybe not yet. Writing it down makes me believe that we are manifesting it. I have a wishlist post-it next to my work table that I can glance every so often to see if I can add anything to my collection. It also serves as a motivation.

In short : Everyone needs a list like this to refrain from buying the same things again and again.


These 5 easy steps are what I take when I am reassessing my closet. As a lady in my early 30s, I am less likely to follow bizarre trends too often but really focus on presenting myself as fashion forward (without losing my Celine touch) yet very put together. It is, what I call, a good balance. Get yourself comfortable with seeing the current trends and try to think to yourself “how do I make this more me?”. To know your style is to know yourself better and having the confidence to be. If you are confident in what you’re wearing, it will look and feel good. Even if it’s just for you. And that, is called personal style.

Hope this helps.