Rp 340.000

The Happiness Project : I believe happiness comes within and it's a lifelong project with you and only you. This collection is very heavily inspired by my (and your!) state of mind that I've been hearing.


Abe is a 925 silver earring with a smiley. Its size is small.

925 Silver items are polishable with a polish cloth (I recommend Talk Town polish). Bisa di pake mandi, bisa di pake sehari2. Kalo udah sedikit hitam, tinggal di lap sama polish cloth.


Information on materials can be found here.

Size Guide

For your reference, BY/DJO's earrings sizings are divided into 4 categories (measuring from the top to bottom of the earrings):

Mini : less than 1cm
Small : 1cm to 1.2cm
Medium : 1.3 - 1.5cm
Large : 1.5cm and up

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